21.2 March 2021 Release Update – GBG IDscan Documentation

21.2 March 2021 Release Update

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OCR Only Journeys

OCR Only Journeys are now available within IDscan, meaning that journeys can now be carried out with no authentication checks being run. This is particularly useful for the need of onboarding users quickly and extracting only data from the document, and where there are no legal/compliant obligations to authenticate the document at that time.

Important: this is a feature that GBG needs to turn on for you. If you are interested in carrying out these types of journey’s, please contact your Customer Success Manager within GBG.

Web SDK UI/UX Enhancements

A new User Interface and UX features have been added to the CSS templates in the new version of the Web SDK. New features include face templates for the Facematch/Liveness steps, help and preview pages, enhanced quality issue guidance and manual capture.

Important: if you are currently using one of the previous versions of the Web SDK and would like to upgrade to the latest version, there are some minor break in changes that you will need to accommodate for. A migration guide has been put together so please contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.

Auto (Smart) Capture Active Guidance in Mobile SDK

New guidance on quality issues has been added to the Auto Capture (previously known as Smart Capture) functionality in the Mobile SDK including new animations and guidance text around each quality issue. We have also added in a help page to the ID Document step to allow for better user guidance during the ID capture steps.

Triple Scan Enhancements

The front/back of document check results that trigger triple scan have now been extended to ‘Expired’ and ‘Not Accepted’. As well as this, you can now control which check results should trigger the triple scan functionality within the Administration Portal.

Chinese Calendar Support (Taiwan National ID)

We can now support another type of the Chinese Calendar date format which includes Hanzi characters, making document’s that have this date format easier to train into our library in the future.

Enhancements to Retrieval API

We have updated the Retrieval API to include a new section (“JourneyImages”) where a customer can get access to all the images that are stored within the Investigation Studio for a journey.

Investigation Studio Enhancements

Improvements have been made to the journey breadcrumb’s for certain checks including more detail on why a Document or Facematch check has failed and the ability to view the amount of triple scan attempts.. 

Increasing coverage

53 new document types added in the territories including: Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Germany, Haiti, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, USA, etc.

Improving support

166 document types improved in the territories including:  Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, UAE, UK, Vietnam, etc. For full details of newly added and updated documents please see IDES Library Resources Release Notes

You can find the full list of supported documents on  IDscan Document Coverage List

Please refer to the Release Notes on the IDscan documentation portal for more information on each release.

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