22.12 Dec 2022 Release Update – GBG IDscan Documentation

22.12 Dec 2022 Release Update

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General Enhancements and Fixed Bugs

  • Unknown Nationality Name for UK origin Passports bug resolved
  • Maintenance carried out on Document UV validator
  • Added manual address text fields validation for the TRUST framework verification journey step
  • Minor UI enhancements
  • Upgraded NFC module versions to M87
  • Focus Issue on non pro versions of iphone 13 and 14 fixed
  • Fixed a bug related to Config Buttons at Admin Portal
  • Fixed a bug related to Triple scan on business rule – Underage
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect Step Name Comes Up Briefly After Double Side Scan
  • Fixed a bug related to Under Age where result shows Failed on a Passed Journey When Define Double Side List is Empty
  • Fixed a bug related to user being able to Pass Address Capture by Putting Space Only
  • Fixed a bug related to User is Provided to Front Camera on Manual Capture When Smart is Disabled
  • Camera Issue on iOS 16 at Liveness Step / File Upload Capture

New Functionality

  • Shortened scan animation duration for front side/back side and enabled auto capture as soon as the camera is opened. This significantly increases the speed in which a document can be captured
  • Added injection of custom UI whenever hardware back button/close button is pressed in a customer journey. Now you have more control over journey cancellation in error by presenting your custom UI to the users before they cancel their journey.

Increasing Document Coverage

39 new document types were added in the territories including; Algeria, Brazil, Canada, Georgia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, United States, Norway, Angola, Belarus, Ecuador, Palestinian Territories, Zimbabwe, Barbados, Slovenia, Congo.

Improving Document Support

67 document types were improved to the territories including; Australia, Finland, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Korea, Morocco, Thailand, Russia, Kenya, Egypt.

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