21.10 November 2021 Release Update – GBG IDscan Documentation

21.10 November 2021 Release Update

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  • Override dropdown is visible in journeys that were previously overridden.
  • Passive Liveness result is not affected by Facematch result.
  • Implemented security enhancements related to security header.
  • Allow additional documents to be added to any result journey including the completed journey.
  • Upgrade Passive Liveness to latest version.
  • Enhanced error handling with null reference exception.
  • Now customers can configure a confidence score threshold for Facematch.
  • Bug fix for POA that was causing errors when POA failed.
  • Fixed a bug in NFC when document doesn’t have a personal number


  • Making the Web SDK accessible via Chrome application on IOS devices
  • Implement Content Security Policy CSP in WSDK
  • Disable camera permissions on the Web SDK
  • Fixed a bug where close’ button showed when it should not be visible


  • Added the ability for our customer to add additional certificate to our SSL pinning, this is useful for customer that are using a proxy.
  • Updated MJCS SDK’s to work with Swift 5.5

Increasing Document Coverage

20 new document types were added in the territories including; Australia, Spain, Colombia, Peru, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, Germany, Portugal, South Africa, Croatia, Honduras, Denmark

Improving Document Support

32 document types improved in the territories including; New Zealand, Malta, Philippines, Panama, Norway, Portugal, Netherlands, Canada, United States, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Belgium, Uganda, South Africa, Portugal, Chile, Malaysia, Australia, Sweden, Bahamas

You can find the full list of supported documents on the IDscan Document Coverage List

Please refer to the Release Notes on the IDscan documentation portal (Section 6) for more information on each release.

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