21.4 May 2021 Release Update – GBG IDscan Documentation

21.4 May 2021 Release Update

New Analytics (Beta Version)

Hosted customers now have access to a new suite of Analytics. Users will be able to view a fresh user interface alongside new data analytics at just a click of a button. Users will now be able to view data relating to the high-level result, document category used, individual journey step results and channel used. User’s will also be able to view a percentage increase/decrease comparison of data between different time periods.

Append Additional Document

You are now able to attach up to three additional documents to a journey via the Investigation Studio or the API. By uploading additional documents to the journey, it will allow you to keep all your customer’s onboarding documents in one place, making them easily accessible.

Important: the additional documents will not be authenticated and will simply just be stored within an individual journey that has been completed.

Triple Scan Guidance Pages

New triple scan guidance pages are now available on the Mobile and Web SDK. Users can now view more information as to why triple scan was triggered which will allow them to correct the behaviour and therefore, be more likely to provide the correct document for the onboarding journey.

UI Customisation in the Mobile SDK

We have now made the user interface(UI) customisation available in the Mobile SDK. You now have the ability to change font, font colour and weight, background colour and buttons across certain areas with the Mobile SDK allowing the IDscan onboarding journey to fit in with your desired branding.

New Administration Portal Settings

New Back of Document Check Configuration

We have added a new setting around the Back of Document check. Users now have a new option to enable the Back of Document check to only be requested when a document is a supported back sided document within the IDscan document library.

Important: this new setting cannot be used in conjunction with current defined double-sided documents setting.

New Expiry Date Result Logic Configuration

You can now configure how you want a high-level result to behave within a journey when the expiry date has failed to be extracted.

Enhancements to the Web SDK

Improvements have been made to the Web SDK such as a new document template and a new capture state for our smart capture component and the ability to easily configure whether file upload on camera only journeys is available or not. We have also made some changes to the developer experience by improving the handling of assets and cross-domain hosting.

Increasing coverage

46 new document types added in the territories including: Belgium, Cuba, France, Italy, Mexico, USA, etc.

Improving support

52 document types improved in the territories including: Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, USA, etc. For full details of newly added and updated documents please see IDES Library Resources Release Notes

You can find the full list of supported documents on  IDscan Document Coverage List

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