20.10 November 2020 Release Update – GBG IDscan Documentation

20.10 November 2020 Release Update

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Passive Liveness (only available to hosted customers, if you would like to consider migrating to hosted please contact your Customer Success Manager)

Sophisticated passive liveness detection that works in the background with zero requirements from the end user. The use of a single frame image for detection offers advantages including streamlined implementation, improved resistance to fraudsters who aren’t aware of the process happening, and a better user experience.

The product is Level 1 and Level 2 ISO/IEC 30107-3 compliant, having passed iBeta Quality Assurance’s Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing with a perfect score.

To learn more about Active and Passive Liveness detection, please visit:


Please Note: Passive Liveness requires the most current version of the SDK and as a minimum the following versions Web SDK v9.0.0, MJCS iOS 10.3.x or MJCS Android 10.3.x as applicable.

Active Liveness User Guidance

The new intuitive Active Liveness UX and UI is linked to the liveness facial markers and allows end users to complete active liveness check with minimum friction by providing real-time tracking in the animations.


Understand your customers better, get actionable insights and drive improvements to your onboarding experience with channel metadata.

Metadata related to channel a user journey was performed on is now available in Investigation Studio and via API, in addition to document authentication and liveness checks.

The metadata displays various parameters relating to a journey, e.g. channel (Mobile, Web or Capture Studio), platform (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc), capture type (smart or manual capture, scanner, file upload), browser, device make and model, etc.

Recapture from Display Enhancements

Enhanced recapture capability to detect recaptured documents from high DPI screens as well as high refresh rates.

Investigation Studio HTML based reports

PDF reports generated from HTML templates, that lead to dynamic layouts, better UX and UI. The PDF report in new HTML template mirrors Investigation Studio design, layout and content.

In earlier versions, our Audit reports were only available for download by logging in to the Investigation Studio. This new feature will allow customers to generate journey audit reports programmatically, giving you far more flexibility when integrating via API. 

Increasing coverage

26 new document types added in the territories including:  Austria, France, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxemburg, Nepal, Taiwan, UAE, UK, USA, etc.

Improving support

79 document types improved in the territories including:  Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, UAE, UK, Vietnam, etc. For full details of newly added and updated documents please see IDES Library Resources Release Notes

You can find the full list of supported documents on  IDscan Document Coverage List

Please refer to Section 6 – Release Notes on the IDscan documentation portal for more information on the release.

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