20.2 April 2020 Release Update – GBG IDscan Documentation

20.2 April 2020 Release Update

Digital Tamper Enhancements – demo 

A new check that detects if the submitted ID image was created/saved with a photo editor. GBG IDscan software inspects the metadata of an ID image to indicate that the image was generated/saved using an image editor e.g. MS Photos, PaintShop Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS6.  

Supports JPG and PNG images. Results available in Investigation Studio or via API. 

Signature Presence Detection  

Signature presence check validator examines ID document image to verify if the submitted ID document is signed (signature detected) or if it is missing a signature (signature not detected).  

Results are available in Investigation Studio or via API.  

Mobile Journey 


Introduced ability to change languages from within the app independent of device settings. Localisation on all messages and labels in the mobile SDK, available on both iOS and Android SDKs.  

Mobile Journey Flow Customisation  

Save time & improve your onboarding journey UX with the new customer integration tool which allows to integrate all journey steps including customised injected screens in one go resulting in much quicker integration of IDscan mobile SDK. 

Customise your onboarding journey flow by adding intermediate screens between different steps in the Mobile SDK journey and during the uploading process. 

Cross checks 

Added ability to configure the following checks to fail both the journey and the document validation.  

  • FirstName Cross Reference 
  • BirthDate Cross Reference 
  • LastName Cross Reference 
  • ExpiryDate Cross Reference 

These checks will be configured in database. In case any of these checks are failed or skipped, the journey will be referred, and the document validation will be failed. 

Library Updates v1.24.3 (09 April 2020) 

  • Increased strictness of UK driving license cross match check. 
  • Enhanced portrait photo presence check. 

Increasing coverage 

Over 32 new document types added in the territories including:  

Andorra, UAE, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Cyprus, Germany, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, India, Iran, Philippines, Vietnam, Poland, Singapore, Korea, Switzerland, etc. 

Improving support 

Over 96 document types improved in the territories including:  

Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, USA, UK, etc. 

IDscan Document Portal 

Please refer to the Release Notes on the IDscan documentation portal for more information on each release. 

You can find the full list of supported documents on IDscan Document Coverage List 

For more information on Library release updates please including compatibility details, visit IDscan Documentation Portal IDES Release Notes and IDES Resources Release. 

IEOS v8.6.4 Release Notes 

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