Release v8.6.4 – 23 Apr 2020 (20.2) – GBG IDscan Documentation

Release v8.6.4 – 23 Apr 2020 (20.2)

IEOS Backend Services:    

  1. Fixed multitenancy issue which is encountered in hosted platform and causes IIS crashing. 
  2. Fixed displaying quality checks issue which came up in pdf report when the journey is performed via MJCS and quality checks are disabled. 
  3. Fixed triple scan issue, the third step will be used as base for “documentfrontsidetypecheck” from now on. 
  4. Fixed quality checks issue, if the checks are enabled via MJCS, will be shown as enabled in Investigation Studio. 
  5. After the NFC session is removed, SDK was keeping send additional requests and was causing issues, so the time-out duration has been increased to 10 mins and also session will not be removed by IEOS from now on. 
  6. Prevented user to open multiple chat with either FDE team or customer back office to validate the same document so the same chat window will be opened for the same journey. 
  7. Updated database version to prevent any possible compatibility issue.
  8. “document side” value will be set to “Paper document” in case the fields are extracted from paper documents. 
  9. Fixed displaying incorrect value for first scan document type. 
  10. For undefined journeys required action will be displayed in Investigation Studio. 
  11. Added an ability to have a configuration for the result of the POA to affect/notAffect high level result. 
  12. Updated journey/get api with both liveness actions and images. 
  13. Updated journey/get api to be able to retrieve local value in the response. 
  14. Added user-friendly message to webSDK in case user tries to open Chrome browser in iOS devices. 
  15. Fixed downloading pdf issue which is encountered when the pdf file is uploaded via WebSDK, WJCS or capture studio. 
  16. Fixed segment images issue so segment images will be displayed under Auth view. 
  17. Fixed fullname displaying issue. 
  18. Added username and date/time information to the auditing mechanism, in case any journey is deleted from either UI or API or in case any report is downloaded from the system. 
  19. Added ability to have a configuration to allow Investigation studio user to download pdf report. 
  20. Added ability to have a configuration to allow Investigation studio user to override the journey. 
  21. Added ability to download pdf report for multiple records in Investigation Studio. In addition to this, new endpoint is provided for the same purpose. 
  22. Added ability in automatic mode to refer to FDE team manually for the not overridden journeys. 
  23. Added scan reference number to the chat content once the chat is started. 
  24. Search criteria in Investigation Studio is extended. Added ability to display the journeys which are performed by current user and referred to FDE by the current user. “Not overridden” is replaced with “Not referred”. “Overridden” is replaced with “Referral Complete“. 
    Added “pending referral outcome” is for the journeys that need to be reviewed by either fde team member or customer back office after user hits “forensic expert” button.  
  25. Provided new validation checks to check if the provided frontside/backside is belonging to the each other. If user scans the same side of the document twice then journey high level result will refer. If customer provides different document as backside, cross check result should fail and journey result should refer due to type mismatching. 
  26. Added ability for FDE team to respond the expired journeys as “expired”. 
  27. Fixed verbose logging configuration issue in Admin Portal. 
    Removed cookieLifeSpanByHours from admin portal and added to the backendsettings file. 
    Removed AuditFilePath from backendsettings.xml file and added to Admin Portal. 
  28. Added expiry date information to the csv report. 
  29. In order to prevent spoofing, enhanced comparison between every each selfie photo and ID portrait photo during liveness and provided multiple face match. 
  30. Quality check descriptions will display that the checks have been disabled in Investigation Studio in case blur/glare checks are disabled by user through mobile journey capture service. 
  31. Digital tampering heatmap will be shown in Investigation Studio if IDES performs digital tampering check. 
  32. Added ability to read and verify bio-chip data embedded in identity documents. This information will be shown in both Investigation Studio and pdf report. 


  1. Fixed the issue which is about generating the same journey reference for the different journeys. 
  2. Fixed the UI issue which comes up while POA uploading to the system. 
  3. Fixed stuck issue in liveness phase on Safari browser. 
  4. Fixed liveness issues in both Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. 
  5. Fixed the translation error in liveness step in Microsoft Edge browser. 
  6. Added ability to switch the journey definition in WebSDK. 
  7. Fixed smart capture issues which occurs in case there is blur, glare or low resolution.
  8. Mirroring issue has been fixed in webSDK. 
  9. Fixed ranking issue of the liveness actions when multiple journeys that contain liveness are performed. 
  10. Fixed the translation error in login page. 

WJCS (Web Journey Capture Service):    

  1. Fixed liveness issue in the first action of liveness. 
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