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IDscan Release & Customer Communications


IDscan deploy frequent Releases to the Proof of Concept (POC) and Production (PROD) environments to address bug fixes and improvements.

Customer awareness of the details for each Release, with the option of contacting GBG for any questions or concerns, is a crucial element to the process. This will allow customers to prepare their own environments, resource and change policies prior to the GBG Release. This will also allow GBG to gather customer feedback which could adhere to quality Release content.

This document details the new process of how the Release & Deployment process will work in tandem with the Customer Communication process.


This article addresses the process of communicating to customers prior to release deployments on both POC and PROD environments. A number of teams are required to collaborate their efforts in order to execute this process efficiently.

Release Schedule

We employ a bimonthly Release Cycle (every 2 months) which is communicated by GBG via StatusPage

The Release naming convention begins with the last two digits of the year followed by the digits of the month the development was complete e.g. 20.8 (2020, August), 20.10 (2020, October). The release then goes live the following month and packages are made available. So the 20.8 release would be available from the 2nd week in September 2020.

Communications URL

Customers are notified by subscribing and email address to IDscan updates via the StatusPage.

Release URL

The details of each Release can be found on the GBG Document Portal:

Subscribe to GBG Status Page to receive notifications for new releases

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